Jul 12 2017

Javascript error in Firefox version 54

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On pages with multiple products showing, the error, “The _validateExp0 validator has already been loaded” is appearing in Firefox version 54. Here's how to fix it. 

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May 15 2017

cfheader or cfcookie error on CF10 and up

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We've had a report of the following error, "Failed to add HTML header.ColdFusion is unable to add the header you specified to the output stream. This is probably because you have used it to set one of the ColdFusion Session Cookies or Authentication cookie. Please use Application/Server level configuration for this."

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Jun 7 2016

Paypal security updates for June 2016

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Paypal is making changes to make their payment transactions to improve security. These apply to anyone using Paypal Standard, Paypal Express, Paypal Pro, or Paypal Payflow. 

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Jun 2 2016

How to add Paypal Express

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We recommend that if you're using Paypal Standard that you switch to Paypal Express. We've had several clients report Paypal orders not getting recorded in the CFWebstore admin. This appears to a communications problem with Paypal Standard.

If you're using CFWebstore version 6.50 or above, Paypal Express is already built-in. It's simply a matter of setting up APi credentials in your Paypal account and adding them to payment settings in the CFWebstore admin. 

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Apr 27 2015

FCKeditor not showing up

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Is you text editor no longer showing? Or is it only showing in IE? There's a quick fix to make it reappear in all browsers. 

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